Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad (ASTROKLS) is a Malaysian holding company with a market capitalization of 4354 billion Malaysian Ringgit. Its current plans include becoming an internet service provider and introducing the brand Astro to consumers. This analysis aims to provide

A multi-year effort is underway to modernise the financial market infrastructure of Malaysia. Various initiatives have been undertaken by Bank Negara Malaysia to promote market stability and develop new payment and settlement systems. The goal of these projects is to

The Malaysia Security Industry is an industry that provides private security guards to protect property, individuals and buildings. This industry contributes to the country’s economy directly and indirectly. Its employees are paid well and enjoy a positive work environment, including

The Malaysian government produces a federal budget every year. The budget details the revenues and expenditures of the government and forecasts fiscal policy for future years. In addition, it gives information on the state of the economy. If you want