A registered financial planner in Malaysia is a financial professional that is licensed to provide advice to clients on their personal finances. These professionals have a high level of training and are bound by a Code of Ethics. They don’t earn commissions and put their clients’ best interests first. They differ from other types of financial advisors such as life advisors and wealth planners.

A registered financial planner in Malaysia must have all three licenses: a Capital Markets Services Licence issued by the Securities Commission Malaysia, a Corporate Unit Trust Adviser license issued by the Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia, and a Financial Adviser license issued by Bank Negara Malaysia. Many firms have multiple licenses, but it is best to choose a firm that holds all three. This way, they can fully utilize the benefits of their CFP(r) certification.

A registered financial planner in Malaysia can offer a variety of services to meet your needs. For example, he or she may provide advice on asset allocation, retirement planning, and private equity. He or she can also help you set up a family business or raise equity capital for a new venture. If you’re interested in going public or seeking debt funding, your registered financial planner in Malaysia can help you.

While there are many advantages to becoming a financial planner, you should also understand that there are risks and challenges associated with the career. Many individuals who pursue this career end up quitting before they get a chance to build their own practice. It’s important to know how the licensing process works. Make sure to ask about the joining fee and profit sharing ratio.

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