We posted a lot about Casey Anthony back when her trial was going on.

In 2011.

So there’s a new documentary out that seems to conclude, as we did 11 years ago, that Casey’s father was a logical suspect in the toddler’s disappearance but wasn’t apparently investigated by law enforcement.

At all.

It’s nice to have a documentary film maker who has actually devoted some serious thought and sober reasoning to the matter. But it’s depressing to see the public and media reaction being overwhelmingly….the same as it ever was.

The inability to run with an idea contrary to your own, just to explore the possibilities, is a prerequisite to proper reasoning and a genuine exchange of thoughts. We’d like to explain more how important it is for people to do that, but we are pressed for time, as we have been for many months now.

Instead, we’ll just use this ongoing Casey Anthony reasoning train wreck to illustrate what we mean.

If you accept, just for purposes of discussion, that George Anthony accidentally killed his grand daughter while molesting her, and that he had a history of molesting Casey as well, wouldn’t that entitle Casey to some sympathy? Not only because of her traumatized childhood, but because that same trauma was involved in the death of her toddler daughter, and because she winds up being falsely accused and universally – although very unjustly – despised and villified?

Can we just for one moment consider that unarguable consequence of the premise?

And it turns out we can’t. Except here at LoS, where we reason honestly and truthfully.

Anyone who still maintains Casey Anthony’s guilt who does not, at the same time, concede the horrifying consequences if they are wrong, does not deserve to be heard on the matter.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the execrable Nancy Grace that fits that description; it’s our increasingly incoherent mainstream media and most of the general public – our fellow citizens.