You’ve probably heard a variation of the saying ‘work with your brain, not against it’.

Have you actively put this into practice?

One of my clients, let’s call her Jenny, was getting through her workdays without ever thinking about how her energy fluctuated throughout the day, or even the week. She was working through all the important tasks she had to get done, but she never planned her days in a way that actually worked with her brain. This meant having meetings at random times throughout the day, which often acted as distractions and caused her to lose concentration at times she needed it most.

Wondering what working with your brain looks like?

Once Jenny began noticing and working with her varying energy levels throughout the day, the number of distractions reduced and she started having more productive days. She realized that she did her best thinking in the morning and that her energy decreased in the afternoon. She also noticed that due to this pattern, her time was more efficiently used in the mornings to get more substantive work done which required her best thinking, whereas afternoons were best kept for meetings and more tedious tasks.

By working with your brain, you can work in alignment and strategize ways to recognize and navigate distractions, allowing yourself to get into a flow, leading to more focus time.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What distractions are you facing throughout the work day?

Are any of these distractions in your control?

What could you do to reduce the distractions?

Are you aware of your energy levels throughout the day?

What tasks take more energy from you?

What tasks take less energy from you?

How can you strategize your days to work with this information?

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