In this Ten-Minute Talk, CM Murray Partners Corinne Staves and Zulon Begum speak with legal recruitment expert Stephen Rodney, founder of IntoGreat Coaching, about how to ensure the effective integration of lateral partner hires in law firms.

Key discussion points from this Ten-Minute Talk:

  • How effective are lateral hires within law firms overall? Are firms and individuals getting it right and what improvements can be made to increase their return on investment?
  • Common trends with partner exits involving lateral hires, including factors such as failure to integrate culturally or poor performance
  • The importance of a strategic plan at the outset, during the lateral hire recruitment process
  • The key elements of integration coaching for lateral hires, including:
    • Business plan vs an integration plan
    • Integration of the lateral’s clients and building profile, both internally and externally
    • Understanding the firm’s culture
    • Establishing how success will be judged
  • How can existing frameworks (such as the LLP deed, appraisal criteria, policies and performance metrics) work to support the integration of lateral hires into the firm?
  • The critical value of the hire being seen as a two-way process between the firm and the individual
  • What does success look like for both the firm and the individual?  

If you have any questions in relation to lateral hire integrations, please contact Corinne Staves or Zulon Begum.

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