For law firms focused on serving legal papers efficiently and quickly, working with local servers who they know and trust is often the best way. By building a close relationship, both firm and serving agency can develop an understanding of each other’s needs and best practices.

But what these vendor relationships miss is the streamlined connection of technology tying those practices and processes together.

What if there was a way to connect your reliable, professional process server with your case management system? Imagine how efficient it could be to automatically order service from your preferred process server directly from your case matter.

With that goal in mind, InfoTrack began exploring a new way to serve, blending the reliability of relationships with the acceleration of next-level technology.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce a new way to serve: ServeIT.

What is ServeIT?

InfoTrack’s ServeIT is our newest upgrade to service of process that fuses the choice of server that law firms want with the convenience of an online ordering platform.

Legal professionals can tap the serving agency they prefer and direct orders to that agency through the InfoTrack platform.

Like all InfoTrack products, ServeIT seamlessly integrates with your practice management system to make sure documents, information, and expenses sync automatically to the correct matter.

Law firms looking to modernize without missing out on the dependability of their current serving agencies now get the best of both worlds. By connecting with their preferred process servers through InfoTrack, firms get plugged into a solution that takes both firm and agency to the next level of connectivity.

It works like this:

People-powered integration

What could be better than the reliability of your favorite process server with the automating power of technology?

If there’s one downside you’ll hear about the prevalence of technology across all facets of our lives, it’s that the screens put distance between us. Where once we might have met in person to hand off important documents or conduct critical business, many feel like the faceless text boxes and forms are isolating us.

More often, though, technology is the method behind the scenes connecting us all. Distance is no longer a barrier, and we can reach more people in meaningful ways.

InfoTrack has uncovered a way to harness that power of connection to the benefit of all.

What’s next?

Above all, InfoTrack seeks to bridge the gap between the people you trust and the technology your firm needs to operate at maximum efficiency.

Server select

Our first priority is connecting you to the server you know and love.

But what if you have to serve outside that agency’s range? Or, maybe you haven’t found that perfect server yet.

That’s when our upcoming enhancements to ServeIT will truly start to shine for every law firm.

Choose the details that matter most to you (Price? Speed? Accuracy?) and let us reveal options in your area.

Multi-server select

If you’re serving recipients across multiple states and jurisdictions, you might need your two (or three, or four) best agencies on the job. Soon, you’ll be able to tap each of those perfect vendors and let InfoTrack help track and assign based on the server’s range and the service address.

Person locator

Get real-time info on the parties you’re serving and let your server act immediately on the latest information. Our upcoming Person Locator feature gives you live skip tracing and the instant syncing of relevant information to your practice management system and serve order.

Your next step: connect your favorite server

As we continue to build bigger and better versions of our new ServeIT approach to process serving, you can get connected today to your favorite server and start to benefit from integrated serving right away.

Connect your favorite server here.

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