In Wisconsin, your child has the right to deny you placement or visitation with your grandchild absent a court order requiring visitation or placement. You, as the grandparent, have the right to petition the state courts for relief. When determining whether placement or visitation is appropriate, a court will look at whether the grandparent will act in accordance with the parent’s wishes and if placement or visitation is in the best interests of the grandchild. Grandparents have a high burden of proof to obtain visitation. Courts will start with the presumption that the parent is acting in the child’s best interests and the burden is on the grandparent to overcome this presumption. Courts may look to what historical visitation schedule the grandparent exercised, the nature and length of relationship between grandparent and grandchild, the ability of the parties to cooperate and communicate, and any other factor that the court deems relevant. There are pros and cons in filing a petition for grandparent visitation and consulting with an attorney may be helpful to parties who think they will request relief.