Barry Schindler

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is co-chair of the firm’s Patent Prosecution Practice and a shareholder in the Intellectual Property & Technology Practice. Barry has more than 20 years of legal experience in intellectual property law, including multidisciplinary litigation experience. He has helped companies of all sizes build and manage significant patent portfolios, develop in-house procedures and formulate intellectual property strategies. He positions clients to gain a competitive advantage by identifying patentable subject matter and drafting claims in such a way that infringement becomes possible to prove.

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In-house corporate counsel and managers are routinely involved with license agreements, acquisitions, mergers, investments and/or an IPO. All of these transactions will involve intellectual property due diligence—an audit to assess your company’s IP assets. Forward-thinking in-house corporate counsel and managers adopt “GMP”— good manufacturing practice. Here, we will discuss six GMP tips for practicing ongoing IP management. (1) Review employment and assignment agreements to ensure your company owns all the intellectual property rights. GMP requires…