Session with Jeannette Eicks, Elizabeth Farrell Clifford, Faye Jones, Kristina Niedringhaus, Michael Robak, and Jennifer Wondracek. Framing the conversation Educational technology versus technology education Law technology versus law of technology What’s happening now? Centers, clinics, labs, institutes, practicums, concentrations, courses How can we scale so that more law students experience the entrepreneurship and technological skills that are beneficial now and necessary in the future? View Full Post
Artificial Intelligence: unboxing the full potential Organizing computers in neural networks; structuring them in the way that our brains work We do not program software so much as we establish how they learn by teaching them how to convert data into decisions This supervised learning model is still developing How AI is being purposed globally AI in customer service Many times we call for assistance with products and services, we are met with artificial intelligence that can solve our problems or redirect us to a human AI to enhance knowledge workers Increase the number of knowledge workers; give them greater access to information AI to find best talent The sheer volume of information that is available to humankind means that we are overburdened by information we cannot hope to compute and retain. View Full Post
Session presented by Nicole Bradick and Catherine Sanders Reach Market forces There is an untapped market of people who avoid lawyers, are uncertain about the costs of the legal process, and/or do not know if they have a problem that can be solved through legal representation There is a mass of unrepresented litigants filing pro se What can we leverage to try to solve the problem of marketability and access to justice? View Full Post
What does Thomson Reuters Research, Technology & Ops do? Applied research Artificial intelligence, involving machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, information retrieval, and computational linguistics Thomson Reuters R&D is a corporate-level, corporately funded group What is TR’s objective? Transforming knowledge work: injecting artificial intelligence into the knowledge workflow in order to transform how professionals interact with & find, analyze & organize, and decide & act upon information. View Full Post