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The statute of limitations serves to freshen and re-freshen the litigation warehouse.  Claims and potential claims are warehoused, and then sometimes brought out.  Policy considerations require that there be limits on how long a claim can be stored.  When the sue-by date arrives, the question of a statute of limitations must be decided, as in Collins Bros. View Full Post
China’s Artificial Intelligence Plan — Stage 1 For more than a decade, the Chinese government has been working to push the Chinese manufacturing sector up the value chain. More recently, the push from the central government has become more formalized, resulting in the 2015 issuance of the State Council manufacturing modernization manifesto: Made in China 2025《中国制造2025》(State Council, July 7, 2015). View Full Post
On 10 January 2018, the French Supreme Court issued a second decision in the Commisimpex v Democratic Republic of Congo case, shifting its position on state immunity from execution. In the light of the new Sapin II law, the court held that a waiver of immunity from execution has to be both specific and express when it comes to seizing diplomatic assets. View Full Post
Critical Implications of the SEC’s Enforcement Action Against Theranos Many readers undoubtedly saw the news last week of the enforcement action the SEC filed against Theranos, Inc., its founder, Chairman, and CEO Elizabeth Holmes, and its President and COO Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani. Theranos and Holmes have settled with the agency, although the complaint against Balwani apparently will be going forward. View Full Post
Washington Bans the Box: Hiring Cannabis Employees Just Got Trickier Careful! The Washington Legislature concluded its 2018 Session last week, and joined Oregon and California in “banning the box” when it comes to employment applications. Specifically, Washington’s new law, dubbed the “Fair Chance Act” (the “Act”),  prohibits employers from looking into any criminal history of potential employees at the point an applicant first applies for a job. View Full Post
Reza Olangian, the dual U.S.-Iran citizen arrested in Estonia in 2012 for trying to arrange the purchase of surface-to-air missiles with an undercover DEA agent, was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Some alleged passport fraud and identity theft out in Yakima And some alleged money laundering involving Iran up in Alaska “Massive” money laundering and drug network busted down in San Diego The former Navy intelligence chief caught up in the Fat Leonard scandal was found to have accepted extravagant meals, cigars and other illicit gifts but did not party with prostitutes  Surprise! View Full Post