BanyanRFP is an online platform that enables corporate legal departments to make better counsel selection decisions. Our proprietary application allows legal departments to configure RFP's quickly and easily for any type of legal engagement - from rate cards for counsel panels, to long term engagements or one-off matters. Only law firms you invite to respond are aware you are running a process. Key financial metrics of proposals are calculated automatically and presented in easy to read dashboards and reports - allowing for side-by-side proposal comparisons with a single click. And our platform enables real time competition by allowing you to disclose the metrics of competing proposals on an anonymous basis. What was once a messy, manual process has been automated - allowing legal departments to get law firm information on rates and expected fees as well as expertise, experience and technology based efficiencies quickly while driving more transparent competition.

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So how do you feel about your law firm incumbents? Do you love ‘em? Or need to list ‘em? The answer: most definitely yes!

We Love Our Incumbents

There are many reasons to love one’s incumbents. These relationships can run deep. Maybe your lawyer is a

The GC role is not getting easier.  There is increased regulation, patent trolls, concerns over cyber-security, the impending enforcement of GDPR…not to mention the pressure on GCs to do “more with less” and control their costs.  Although demand for legal

Recently back from the CLOC Institute, I have been simmering on how corporate legal departments are (and are not) leveraging RFPs. Most seem to tackle an RFP when it is time to create or refresh a panel. The process is