Bill4Time is a web-based time billing software designed for lawyers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and freelancing professionals. We’re here to make sure your billable time is tracked, organized, invoiced, and accessed securely from any computer or mobile device. Time is money and it’s important to keep track of both. We are dedicated to streamlining your billing system with industry leading features, mobile apps, and QuickBooks integration.

The best way to manage lawyer burnout is to identify it early on, which is easier said than done. Lawyers are up against constant deadlines, long hours, and never-ending requests for time. In addition, law firms have constant burdens and

When it was released, cloud-based technology was a game-changer for businesses in all industries. Law firms are beginning to see the benefits of cloud-based solutions for better productivity, security, and cost-effectiveness. These solutions offer numerous benefits, including user-friendly features, accessibility,