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Getting paid—quickly—is central to the success of any small business. Making it easier and more convenient for your customers to settle their bills is key. With this in mind, you may be wondering if offering payment options like ACH payments

Payments can be a pain point for any business. That’s why companies are increasingly turning to digital methods to effortlessly receive funds while giving customers the flexibility to pay in the best ways for them.           
One highly popular choice:

Picture this: you’re opening a new file, ready to plan out your strategy.
Among other things, you’ll be thinking about the information and documents you’ll need from your client and opposing counsel and when you’ll be scheduling depositions and trial

No matter how much you love the practice of law, the fact remains that money also matters—especially if you’re new to the profession and thinking about your first year lawyer salary. 
Whether you’re a law student or a recent graduate

Many lawyers and aspiring practitioners are struck by the allure of “Big Law.” Generally comprised of the largest firms in the US, Big Law can provide attorneys with an opportunity for high compensation and prestige. 
But what exactly do we

If you’ve browsed an online shopping website recently, you’ve likely seen options to “buy now, pay later” or “pay in installments” from companies like Afterpay or Klarna.
It’s clear that scheduled payments are here to stay. So, why not

As a trusted legal professional, it’s important to understand Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA) accounts and how they work.
Law firms need to follow very specific rules on how client funds are handled, and maintaining an IOLTA account ensures

Credit card payments are a standard payment method for many merchants and service providers. But as the legal industry joins in, and with many law firms now accepting credit payments from their clients, one important consideration remains: fees for credit

Picture this: A day dedicated to honoring the law’s crucial role in our society and the professionals who tirelessly work to uphold it. Law Day, observed every year on May 1st, is just that day.
Of course, you might be

If you’ve ever been involved in a law firm’s electronic billing process or explored this topic online, you might be wondering: What is LEDES billing?
LEDES, pronounced like the city in England (Leeds), stands for “legal electronic data exchange standard.”