Gone are the days when most legal professionals would manually track their billable hours, create and mail an invoice, travel to the bank to process the check, and finally, record the payment. It’s not exactly a process that lends itself

It’s challenging to make decisions when you don’t know what your options are—and, if you’re a lawyer, chances are you have limited time as it is to review those options! While you might not be completely satisfied with your legal

Several years ago, our research team undertook a multi-year cohort analysis to learn more about what contributes to sustained revenue growth among highly successful law firms.
In doing so, we hoped to find great examples of successful businesses in legal—and

The legaltech industry has grown significantly in recent years, resulting in substantial investment and consolidation. In the last three years alone, Clio led these trends, raising a combined US$360 million in our Series D and Series E investment rounds, the