What does it take to run a truly successful law firm? For many lawyers, factors like legal talent, a robust client base, and a clear vision are obvious—but well-designed law firm processes are just as important.

Whether they’re intentionally designed

Linkedin advertising for law firms is one way to secure prospective clients, advertise job postings at your firm, and more. Though, with a bustling firm to run and clients to support, advertising on LinkedIn is likely an afterthought for most

2021 was certainly as trying as it was transformative. Hope and resilience weren’t just themes in our broader culture this past year—they were also pillars in the legal industry. 
In this year-in-review, we’ll take a moment to reflect on the

Want to show the hardworking lawyer-in-the-making in your life how much you appreciate them this holiday season? Finding great gifts for law students doesn’t have to be difficult. Law students are busy and always on the go, so the key

It’s a classic paradox for law firms: While it’s essential for attorneys to track their time, traditionally, the lawyer time tracking process takes up time. Because tracking hours manually is tedious and time-consuming, it’s common for lawyers to put it