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Financially Legal  is a twice-monthly podcast with associated articles on the finance and economics of entrepreneurial law firms and lawyering. Host, Dan Lear, talks with law firm leaders, academics, business professionals (both in and outside of law) and thought leaders to provide compelling and provocative content at the intersection of finance, economics, and law.

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Collection rates for law firms on average hover around 80%. Said another way, a firm with $1M in annual billings on average leaves $200K on the table each year. That’s $200K of work that has already been completed and billed!

Let’s face it. Most bankers have no idea what an IOLTA account is. These types of accounts are an afterthought – one of those banking products that gets little attention. We hear horror stories of banks regularly debiting fees from

Lawyers make their living by helping others comply with rules and stay out of trouble. But every lawyer will tell you that there are gaps in their knowledge. And this is true even for a given lawyer’s professed area of