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Financially Legal  is a twice-monthly podcast with associated articles on the finance and economics of entrepreneurial law firms and lawyering. Host, Dan Lear, talks with law firm leaders, academics, business professionals (both in and outside of law) and thought leaders to provide compelling and provocative content at the intersection of finance, economics, and law.

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Small law firm owners may not be familiar with the terms “docker,” “container,” or “Kubernetes.” They may even be a bit fuzzy on the definition of “the cloud.” But most firms know that, along with significant opportunities, new technologies often
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We all know the cliches and the tropes: Lawyers are terrible business people, lawyers went to law school to avoid math, law firms aren’t businesses, etc . . . . Many of these statements are true in some pretty fundamental ways.
Continue Reading Episode 32. How can you get started with financial management at your law firm? An interview with Chelsea Williams from Core Solutions Group, Inc