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We live in a goal-oriented society. It’s part of our culture. Every year, we celebrate making goals with a New Year’s resolution. That’s how much we love to strive.
While it’s great to aim for better health and more prosperity,

If you had told me 10 years ago that future me would regularly listen to behind-the-scenes tales from episodes of “The Office” or a weekly recap of Hollywood gossip, I would have been highly skeptical. But along came podcasts …

Relationship management is one of the bedrocks of marketing. Yet, most law firms neglect to strategize just how they will engage targets and cultivate relationships through their content and digital marketing efforts. In fact, one of the most essential elements

The advent and growth of social media created a huge leap in technology for public relations, but since then, few other new tech entries have made much impression beyond tweaking algorithms, adding features and providing updates.
Until now.
Artificial intelligence

When we introduce errors, make mistakes, or deliver “meh” results, it’s usually because of a disrupter. Whether you’re a leader or a doer, disrupters can come in many forms and from any direction. One way to improve on just about