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Latest from Martin Nikel - Page 2 The challenge of Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring, if I think of them from a professional perspective, are rightly the preserve of highly skilled teams: The Board, General Counsel, Finance, external lawyers, accountants and consultants. Definitely not a job for Monty Python, (but the parody and songs are hilarious). I do wonder sometimes how many … Continue reading M & A: A Personal Perspective Last year there was a wave… no, almost a frenzy of activity around the ‘deadline’ for GDPR. So far, the promise of huge fines and severe repercussions have amounted to not anything more than words. Discussions about fines and media coverage about the ‘usual suspects’ (Facebook, Google, Apple, Netflix, Spotify). Legal discourse and letters about the … Continue reading The way the cookie crumbles Looking back through rose-tinted spectacles has it’s pros and cons. On the one hand it can inspire you into remembering the excitement of youth and the idealistic points of view you once held. Seeing what you’ve achieved and where you went. On the other-hand, it can trigger significant anxiety attacks – as you … Continue reading Doctor, Doctor, I feel like a $10 bill
My six week LinkedIn content plan/strategy. The results are in! The aim was to gain more #engagements through better quality (or at least #originality). 1. Office 365 litigation holds 2. Snow 3. Redacted Christmas card 4. eDiscovery is Dead: Part 2 5. Mental Health Awareness 6. Interpol innovation 7. … Continue reading Should I Carry On or not? Only Rodgers and Thomas can say.
This is the ‘clickbaity’ title you were waiting for. From the eDiscovery vendor space, through lawyers and General Counsel to IT leaders and technologists. I’ve had significant feedback from many of them on the original post. The premise is clear. eDiscovery is Dead. Major cloud systems providers are creating the functionality for firms to deal … Continue reading eDiscovery is Dead! Long live eDiscovery!
Same article on LinkedIn What is Digital Forensics? Why Digital Forensics is important? What Digital Forensics ‘is’… is exactly why it’s important. These two most frequently asked questions are simpler to tackle as one. There’s one thing that’s often forgotten when describing Digital Forensics. The etymology of the word Forensic tells you all you need to … Continue reading Web’s Most Asked Questions: Digital Forensics
What is eDiscovery? Who needs eDiscovery? When is eDiscovery used? Why is eDiscovery important? Of course, I could write an entire thesis about these four “most asked questions”. And they deserve to be answered separately and in detail with all the necessary legalese. But then … you’re probably on the way into work. And you’re … Continue reading Web’s Most Asked Questions: eDiscovery
Too often IT professionals (especially Office 365 ones) are relied upon to execute legal tasks such as a “Litigation Hold” but with little context, definition or support. What is Litigation Hold? Litigation Hold is obviously a legal matter, so if serious advice is needed, ask a Lawyer (but make sure they understand technology!). There are … Continue reading Web’s Most Asked Questions: Litigation Holds
ediscovery Overview Total sources processed: 10 Avg. source length: 1678 words Avg. links per source: 5 links Sources E-Discovery: The Basics of E-Discovery Guide – Exterro ( Why eDiscovery Is Important To All Of Us ( The Basics: What is e-Discovery? ( Ediscovery: How it Works, and Why It Will Help Keep Your Small Law … Continue reading ediscovery