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“Ch-ch-ch Changes” – Bowie. “A change is gonna come” – Cooke.  “A change will do you good” – Crowe. “Come on let me change your ticket home” – One Direction. Seminal musicians such as these, have communicated their wisdom and experience in the face The challenge of Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring, if I think of them from a professional perspective, are rightly the preserve of highly skilled teams: The Board, General Counsel, Finance, external lawyers, accountants and consultants. Definitely not a job Last year there was a wave… no, almost a frenzy of activity around the ‘deadline’ for GDPR. So far, the promise of huge fines and severe repercussions have amounted to not anything more than words. Discussions about fines and media coverage Looking back through rose-tinted spectacles has it’s pros and cons. On the one hand it can inspire you into remembering the excitement of youth and the idealistic points of view you once held. Seeing what you’ve achieved and

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