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We need to approach advanced artificially intelligent systems in the same way as human witnesses and actors involved in litigation and investigation  It’s a heavy burden. Continuously feigning excitement at developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence. And I don’t find this stuff amusing anymore. I am quite literally surrounded by the sound. The sound … Continue reading You Can Call Me A.I: Artificial Intelligence As A Witness
The letter was a spoof. Or was it? Some readers thought that there was some truth to it. Some even thought it was real. The adversarial nature of law firm representation has generated an industry that’s focused on lawyers looking at lot of documents and then sending or withholding them from the other party. arguing … Continue reading Productions: Break On Through (To The Other Side)
Over the past two years I’ve seen a more frequent interest expressed in the idea of in-sourcing or putting out to tender eDiscovery and related disciplines. And it has more to do with sauce than you might think (I’m completely going to force the condiment analogy, at least). A-dressing the drivers What are the driving forces … Continue reading eDiscovery: INSAUCE or OUTSAUCE
Badly Drawn People For some reason (and I can’t quite pinpoint it), this cartoon struck a chord with those involved in Legal Operations of one kind or another. This was (to most) a tongue-in-cheek cartoon. It wasn’t reflective of any specific real-life experiences (well, not too many). What was it?  A satirical comment on the … Continue reading All eDiscovery Deadlines Ever.
Discovering the personal and financial details of 6,000 website users, showed me that I still had a lot of growing up to do. At 21, I had University, computers, long-distance running and a few part-time jobs to keep me going. In the year 2000 life was full of small (and relatively simple) things. Between all … Continue reading All The Small Things: How I Fell In To Legal Technology
Forget the AI-Blockchain-Hana-Augmented-Efficiency-Chatbots . Technology does many things extremely well and it’s always getting better. It’s People that are pivotal in the success or failure of digital transformation. Here are a 6 softer techniques and thoughts that I’ve found useful in the past to improve my understanding of the impact of change on people to engage those … Continue reading 6 Techniques for Engagement in Digital Transformation
“Ch-ch-ch Changes” – Bowie. “A change is gonna come” – Cooke.  “A change will do you good” – Crowe. “Come on let me change your ticket home” – One Direction. Seminal musicians such as these, have communicated their wisdom and experience in the face of change – the last one is debatable, but I’ll leave it out there. A … Continue reading Turn And Face The Strange The challenge of Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring, if I think of them from a professional perspective, are rightly the preserve of highly skilled teams: The Board, General Counsel, Finance, external lawyers, accountants and consultants. Definitely not a job for Monty Python, (but the parody and songs are hilarious). I do wonder sometimes how many … Continue reading M & A: A Personal Perspective Last year there was a wave… no, almost a frenzy of activity around the ‘deadline’ for GDPR. So far, the promise of huge fines and severe repercussions have amounted to not anything more than words. Discussions about fines and media coverage about the ‘usual suspects’ (Facebook, Google, Apple, Netflix, Spotify). Legal discourse and letters about the … Continue reading The way the cookie crumbles Looking back through rose-tinted spectacles has it’s pros and cons. On the one hand it can inspire you into remembering the excitement of youth and the idealistic points of view you once held. Seeing what you’ve achieved and where you went. On the other-hand, it can trigger significant anxiety attacks – as you … Continue reading Doctor, Doctor, I feel like a $10 bill