McCarthy Law PLC

McCarthy Law PLC helps people in difficult financial situations because of too much debt. For many different reasons – the loss of a job, personal or medical emergencies, divorce, declining home values, a difficult economic environment – many people find themselves in financial difficulties. As debt attorneys, we are one of the rare debt settlement companies that can actually represent you in lawsuits and defend you against your creditors.

Finances are a very personal matter and should be discussed with a qualified debt attorney.

McCarthy Law's Mission:

"An America in which no family is burdened by debt. Our role in bringing vision to reality. We negotiate for large reductions in our clients' debts without the need for bankruptcy." - Kevin Fallon McCarthy, Managing Attorney.

Introduction: Navigating the complexities of private student loans is a daunting task for many graduates. With higher interest rates and less lenient repayment options compared to federal student loans, individuals often find themselves in a challenging financial predicament. McCarthy Law