Whether your retirement is around the corner or further down the road, retirement for lawyers requires extensive preparation. There are certain lawyer retirement rules and regulation requirements you’ll need to follow—and they vary from state to state. 
For example, Nevada

Legal record management is a vital aspect of any law firm. Each case or matter will generate numerous records that must be securely stored and filed for future reference. Though legal record keeping is part of daily practice for law

The legal profession is commonly considered a profitable one. Many people study to become a lawyer because they covet a high salary—but where does that money come from? Those outside the legal field (or new to it) may not be

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become commonplace in our society. If you’ve ever said, “Hey Siri, what’s the weather like outside?” or “Alexa, set a timer.”—you’ve used AI. AI is everywhere, from the facial recognition that unlocks your phone to tracking

Capturing new leads and converting them into paying clients is a time-consuming and potentially unbillable process. A chatbot lawyer helps by providing 24/7 assistance to all of your firm’s website visitors. This includes answering common questions, filling out intake forms,

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience and end up with fast food, you’d likely be disappointed. Both are meals, but one offers a more exceptional and memorable experience. Providing excellent client services ensures that your law firm offers