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Springer Law is a boutique practice catering to the needs of startups and creative professionals. The firm began with a simple premise: Starting and running a business shouldn't be any more difficult than it already is. Using Springer Law, clients running a company or beginning a project can rest assured that the varied legal aspects associated with their business are handled, allowing them to focus on the business of their business.

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In Berman v. Freedom Financial Network LLC, the Ninth Circuit emphasized attention to detail in ensuring that the enforceability of a website’s terms and conditions. Website terms and conditions are critical to establish the rules governing a website users’ use

Producers beware! A recent ruling from the Second Circuit serves as a reminder that producers’ ownership of some copyrights may be jeopardized by the Copyright Act’s reclamation provision.Just in time for Halloween, the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

Part 1 – Business Entity Comparison: S Corp Status vs CorporationOne of the first legal questions a startup’s founder faces is “what business entity should I form?” There are a host of options – including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability