Mediating Civil and Workplace Injury Cases throughout California

Cases for Mediation Include:
Injury Cases, Automobile, Slip & Fall, Medical Malpractice, Dog Bite, Workers Compensation, Jones Act (seamen’s claims), Defense Base Act, Commercial Disputes, Insurance Coverage Disputes

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The litigation section of the California Lawyers Association recently published this bon mot:
“Mediators are expected to play the role of ‘Devil’s advocate,’ questioning the strength or viability of the various legal arguments being asserted by parties and/or their counsel.

Many lawyers and claims professionals say that the litigation process is a search for truth. They will swear allegiance to a jury’s ability to ferret out the truth from conflicting evidence. And yet, more than 90% of all cases settle.

While not every liar is really good at lying, many are. In fact, they are so good, that the trier of fact—be that jury or judge—often find them to be credible, more credible than your evidence.
Humans are actually poor

A Minnesota appellate case shows how damaging intra-family business disputes can be.

The four Lund siblings had inherited equal shares of a trust holding a chain of grocery stores. The oldest sibling sued to force a buy-out of her shares

The offer on the table was a good one, but the attorney thought there was hope for something better. Then I took the attorney through the “what if’s.”
Expenses Matter
How much will it cost to bring this case to