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The Blog for the individual lawyer—everything you need to be successful…and at a low cost.

LexBlog wants you to experience the success that many other lawyers have achieved through blogging—building a positive recognition as an expert in your niche area of law, enhancing your reputation and ultimately driving more business to your practice. For individual lawyers like yourself, LexBlog has developed a new product that makes it even easier and quicker to start blogging now.

Our Promise

LexBlog will work with you on blog strategy to set you up for success from the beginning, and we’ve got the tech side covered for you in the best way—from mobile-friendly design to continuous software/plugin updates to a search-friendly sitemap and structure to automated email notifications to blog subscribers and more. You could be blogging in a matter of days, and at a cost that is less than a daily latte.

At any point during your blog’s lifespan—whether that’s months or years down the road—LexBlog is here to answer all questions regarding strategy, engagement, tech and anything else that might pop up. LexBlog is your partner in the success of your blog.

Receive continued access to quality support from a team that has your back every step of the way.

Besides helping with any of your blogging questions, our Success Team is always available to handle anything technical through both on-demand support and one-on-one assistance.

You get a user-friendly design for both desktop and mobile that optimizes SEO.

User experience is a key part of Google’s new Core Web Vitals ranking system, and your blog is designed to rank high to impact search engine optimization.

Learn from a pro—you will benefit from a Strategic Consultation session with Founder and CEO, Kevin O’Keefe.

This strategy call will cover your specific goals for the blog and how to achieve them. It includes writing strategy, blogging best practices and niche focusing.

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Blog Pro Features
One hour of Strategic Consultation
Blog development
and hosting
responsive design
Syndication to
Responsive email notifications
Core social sharing & RSS features
Search-friendly sitemap and structure
Google Analytics
Platform updates and maintenance
Email, phone and online support

Cost: $99 per month

"Through my blog I've been introduced to a number of people in the industry that I would not have been introduced to otherwise. It’s helped me to identify and stay in touch with trends that I wouldn't have necessarily been motivated to stay on top of otherwise, and it’s broadened my viewpoint on the legal industry in general. I certainly wouldn't be where I am today without taking that first step to blog. I think it gave me a voice in my role, first as Director of Global Relationships then as Executive Director, it’s given me a lot of confidence. I really can’t emphasize that enough.”

Lindsay Griffiths
Executive Director, International Lawyers Network

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