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Phoebe is the Honorary Law Dawg belonging to LL.M.s Rocio Buosi and Jeremias Brusau. She loves napping in the sun, playing the piano, and eating the plants on the balcony.

All members of the Law School Community (students, faculty and

Reese is our next Law Dawg. This lovable cutie’s person is 3L Nia Waller.  He is a rescue, and he is named for the candy. Nia says she has no idea what mix of breeds he is, “but he is

Meet Delta and Whiskey, whose person is 3L Courtney Hill Robinson. They love peanut butter, camping, and chasing squirrels. Delta acts like a grumpy old man but is actually a sweetheart.  Whiskey is adventurous and stubborn. Follow them on Instagram

Meet Law Dawg Arty! This little Schnoodle’s person is 3L Hailey Laurie. Arty loves not-so-long walks, car rides with the window down, and trying to distract his mom from reading for class.

All members of the Law School Community (students,

Our next Honorary Law Dawg is 3L Alex Kothe’s cat Chloe. Adopted in in December 2020 from Trenton Cats Rescue when she was 3.5 y.o. and only 5.5 lbs, Chloe is now about 5.5 y.o. and a much healthier 8-9

Jasper is our next Honorary Law Dawg. His person is 3L Kaitlin Hocker. Jasper is a very curious boy who loves being carried around. This kitty is very talkative and social, and he will even play fetch!

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Pippin’s people are 3L Allison Reid and her boyfriend, Shannon Stevenson. Pippin likes hiking, spending time with his grandma, and cuddling. He also loves tennis balls and treats. One of Pippin’s nicknames is “doughnut dog” (ref the picture in which

This gorgeous Law Dawg is Noble, whose person is 3L Zak Pearsall. Zak says Noble is a good dog.

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