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You’ve seen—I hope!—part 1 (with Nada Alnajafi) and part 2 (with Alex Hamilton). Now, LegalSifter unleashes on an unsuspecting world part 3 of my video series on the Salesforce master subscription agreement. (I’m LegalSifter’s chief content officer.) This time, my co-presenter is Gabe Meister, a lawyer in private practice who has lots of experience with […] The post Part 3 of My Video Series on the Salesforce Master Subscription Agreement appeared first on Adams on
You might well be aware of the dispute between AstraZeneca (AZ) and the European Commission (EU) over supplies of AZ’s COVID-19 vaccine. (Go here for an account from the Guardian.) The EU has made the contract available the public (here). AZ’s obligation to use “Best Reasonable Efforts” has attracted attention, but no one is suggesting […] The post Section 13.1(e) of AstraZeneca’s Contract with the European Commission: Statements of Fact or Future Facts? appeared first…
Last week saw the release of the first video in my series The Salesforce Master Subscription Agreement: A Case Study, presented by LegalSifter (see this blog post). The first video set the scene by describing what the MSA covers. The second video is now available. In it, I do a quick critique of an extract of […] The post Here’s the Second Video on the Salesforce Master Subscription Agreement appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting
Let’s look at “entire agreement” provisions. Or maybe you call them “merger” provisions. Or “integration” provisions. Whatever. Guidance Consider this boilerplate provision offered in Commercial Contracts: Strategies for Drafting and Negotiating (Vladimir R. Rossman & Morton Moskin eds., 2d ed. 2021) § 26.04[C]: Entire Agreement. The Contract represents the entire and complete understanding of the […] The post More Boilerplate Redundancy: Expressing Both the “Entire Agreement” Concept and the “Merger” (or “Integration”) Concept appeared first…
With support from LegalSifter, I’ve recorded three short videos about the Salesforce master subscription agreement. Today we launch the first one, which introduces you to the MSA—what it covers, what it doesn’t cover. My co-presenter is Nada Alnajafi, the impresario behind Contract Nerds. She’s a fresh voice in contracts, and I appreciate her enthusiasm. And […] The post The First of Three Videos on the Salesforce Master Subscription Agreement appeared first on Adams on Contract
I used to keep track of technology related to the contracts process, but now I do so only sporadically—there’s way too much for the casual observer to keep up with. That’s even the case regarding a subset of that technology—products that aim to facilitate review of contracts. That’s of interest to me, as I’m chief […] The post A Tech-Only Solution for Contract Review, Or Not: BlackBoiler and LegalSifter appeared first on Adams on Contract
I’m a relative latecomer to LinkedIn; I started posting regularly only a couple of years ago. I’ve struggled with LinkedIn, but I think I now understand, finally, what’s expected of me. Much of the conversation on LinkedIn is of a personal nature, involving people’s own experiences, plans, and hopes. But because LinkedIn is designed to […] The post LinkedIn Isn’t the Marketplace of Ideas appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting.
This is from a message I received this weekend from a reader: I see dozens of postings for remote contract attorney positions, but they are looking for people with years of experience focused on contracts, especially IP and technology. In companies with small in-house legal teams, attorneys have to multitask, so they won’t have that […] The post You Want to Work with Contracts But You Have Limited Experience. What Do You Do? appeared first…
Much discussion of contract drafting resembles a cocktail party, but we need more than that. I have no problem with cocktail parties. For example, LinkedIn is a cocktail party, and I’m easy to find on LinkedIn, where I mingle and engage in cocktail-party chit-chat. As a result, I’ve encountered people who otherwise would likely have […] The post Calling All Iconoclasts appeared first on Adams on Contract Drafting.
When it comes to skills relevant to business, I’m good at one thing and pretty terrible at the rest. Kevin Miller, LegalSifter’s CEO, is good at a whole bunch of stuff; I salute him. What the heck, this week he even did this post, entitled What We Mean When We Talk About Our Expertise, on […] The post Kevin Miller, LegalSifter’s CEO, on the Role of Expertise in Contracts AI appeared first on Adams on