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Federal-state taxation rights over the use and consumption of goods called into question

8 min read

A constitutional challenge to the Victorian electric vehicle (EV) road user charge has brought into sharp focus the balance of taxing rights as between

Sovereign immunity risk small in Australia

10 min read

Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) are investment funds or arrangements that are owned by general government (including central governments and subnational governments).1 They are created for a range of macro-economic purposes,

What to stay across in the new year

7 min read

2022 saw increased attention from policymakers in relation to corporate crime, with developments proposed or adopted to improve the capacity of the courts to hear criminal cases and increase

A key landmark in Carbon Credit transactions

5 min read

How can you measure carbon trading if you can’t define a carbon credit? Absent a definition, you can’t write a contract, benchmark industry standards or truly create a functioning carbon-trading

Australia lacking a taste for additional GIs

6 min read

Australia and the European Union (the EU) continue to negotiate a free trade agreement (FTA), including as to whether Australian businesses will be prevented from using over 200 food and

All new trade mark applications in Australia to be affected

7 min read

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has announced that the 12th edition of the Nice Classification – the international system for classifying goods and services for registering