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The new Listed Issuer Financing Exemption will permit issuers listed on Canadian stock exchanges with an operating business to distribute freely tradeable listed equity securities to the public in reliance on the issuer’s continuous disclosure record as supplemented with a

What Silicon Valley is to venture capital, Canada — especially Western Canada — is to junior public equity markets. Historically, it was predominantly companies in the mining and energy sectors that took advantage of these markets. Increasingly, our junior public equity markets serve a

Shareholder Participation in Private PlacementsPeople purchasing public companies’ shares in private placements typically receive discounts and often get warrant “sweeteners” thrown in. Unfortunately for average investors, participation in private placements is usually restricted to institutions, wealthy individuals and insiders. Retail

Introducing CapicheDespite the complexity of securities laws and stock exchange policies, private placements continue to be completed using a manual, paper-based process. The process is inefficient and costly and private placements are often non-compliant — even when a lawyer is involved. As