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Federal holidays are holidays enacted by the Government of Canada (i.e. the federal government) that apply across the entire country but for federally regulated employers ONLY.  It is a misconception that federal holidays apply to most people. Most people in

Introduction Lieu time, a term that originates from the French word “lieu”, meaning “place” or “instead”, is a solution for managing overtime in the workplace. When employees work beyond their maximum working hours, lieu time provides an option for compensating

The words “labor” and “labour” may seem identical – they are pronounced the same and mean the same thing, but there is one subtle difference – the letter “u”.  When should you use the letter “u” when you spell the words

In discussions, arguments, or debates, you might have heard the term “moot point.” Often, it’s used to dismiss a subject or idea, but what exactly does it mean? Let’s delve into the nuanced definitions and common misconceptions surrounding this phrase.