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Across the world sits a humble burger join in North East Melbourne called “College Dropout Burgers”, and Ye has some unresolved beef with the burger joint’s owner. Kanye West filed a federal lawsuit against College Dropout Burgers accusing Australian restaurant-owner, Mark Elkhouri, of “misleading and

Flight crews (flight attendants and pilots) often work long runs, frequently without rest breaks. Then, they are often asked to pull another run with only minimal time between shifts. Airlines are failing to pay for overtime, actual hours worked, and

What do you get when you combine a financial crisis with a climate crisis?  Hardworking Americans across the United States are falling prey to the fraudulent and deceptive practices of solar panel companies, installers, and the lenders they work with.

From the years 1953-1987, the United States Marine Corps training facility at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina exposed service members, their families, and civilian workers to contaminated drinking, cooking, and bathing water.Industrial waste, pesticides, solvents, and other chemicals were buried in

When Oklahomans hear a winter storm is coming, we immediately think of the bare necessities, food, water, and warmth. We stock up on groceries, we light our fires, and we let our faucets drip to prepare for – and prevent