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As we take time to honor Black History Month and the countless contributions of African American leaders in law, we must first give nod to Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher. A native Oklahoman, Ms. Fisher was a leading activist, attorney and

The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a rule that would prohibit most non-compete clauses in employment contracts, calling it “a widespread and often exploitative practice that suppresses wages, hampers innovation, and blocks entrepreneurs from starting new businesses.” The agency estimates

Across the world sits a humble burger join in North East Melbourne called “College Dropout Burgers”, and Ye has some unresolved beef with the burger joint’s owner. Kanye West filed a federal lawsuit against College Dropout Burgers accusing Australian restaurant-owner, Mark Elkhouri, of “misleading and

Flight crews (flight attendants and pilots) often work long runs, frequently without rest breaks. Then, they are often asked to pull another run with only minimal time between shifts. Airlines are failing to pay for overtime, actual hours worked, and