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A two-part investigation by CBS News delves into the problem of dangerous doctors avoiding discipline for medical malpractice by state medical boards. According to the reporting, “Less than 2% of doctors account for more than half of all malpractice payments.”A
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From our Patient Safety Resource CenterWhat expectant mothers need to know to properly advocate for themselves during pregnancy Even before our healthcare system faced the extreme stress of a global pandemic, hospitals have stumbled in meeting one of healthcare’s most
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As Boston’s top medical malpractice lawyer, Andrew C. Meyer Jr. has been outspoken about the Massachusetts medical system’s shortcomings that put patients at risk. Most recently he was featured in the Boston Magazine exposé, The Secret Truth About Boston Doctors
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Boston’s Top Medical Malpractice Attorney Featured Prominently in Boston Magazine Exposé 

Boston Magazine features an exposé by writer Michael Damiano who reports on the secretive world of Boston doctors. A world where physicians who have had multiple claims of medical
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