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In the months leading up to my training contract, thoughts turned to comparing transactional and advisory seats, something which has continued to be a hot topic. Students often ask about the transactional / advisory divide in practice groups – working

23 March 2020 marked the first day the UK went into national lockdown #1 for COVID-19. It was also the first proper day of my training contract (“TC”). A lot of folks ask about what I’ve been doing, highlights and

Ally, thanks so much for your time to offer an insight into the work you do! The world of barristers so often seems a Hogwartseque world of bundles, silks and oration, fashioned (at least in my mind!) from media, The

It’s November! We’re knee-deep in pumpkin-spiced lattes, it’s getting dark by about 4pm, we’ve been bombarded by rain and we’ve embraced that pre-Christmas, winter-lockdown workout mentality which says “I’ll put this on at Christmas anyway, so maybe I’ll skip my