It’s natural to assume that if you hear blasting sounds and you feel vibrations, the cracks you start to see in your wall are caused by the construction taking place near your home.  The question is then, will this damage be covered

Construction remains a dangerous trade, with certain construction jobs being more deadly than others.  Take the case of poor Harry.  He was responsible for cleaning a cement mixing pugmill.  The company operating the mill accidentally activated it while Harry was

You decide to file a claim of lien and you ask your bookkeeper to tabulate the exact amount still owed on the job.  With the numbers in hand, you timely prepare and file your Claim of Lien.  You then receive a past due payment notice from one of your

Seems like an odd term – termination for convenience.  Whose convenience? Generally, neither party takes any comfort if an agreement has to be cancelled.  What may have started as a commonplace provision within government contracts, a termination for convenience can now be found

Construction clients believe that if they win their legal case, they’ll also recover the attorney fees they’ve incurred. But that may not be correct for a variety of reasons. Recovery of fees is dependent on meeting a threshold requirement—does the