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When an out-of-state corporate plaintiff wishes to bring a lawsuit against a New York-based defendant, a litigator would likely recommend bringing that lawsuit in New York to secure jurisdiction over the defendant. Before pulling the trigger, however, it is critical
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Following a public comment period, the Chief Administrative Judge of the New York courts recently issued Administrative Order 270/2020 implementing substantial changes to general civil practice in New York Supreme Court. The rule changes go into effect on February 1,
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Judge Karas Grants Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss Complaint Alleging Due Process Violations under the Fourteenth Amendment In Twardosz v. Yonkers Public School District, No. 19-CV-6138 (KMK), 2020 WL 6135114 (S.D.N.Y. Oct. 19, 2020), Judge Kenneth Karas dismissed the plaintiff’s complaint
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Sellers of goods often will include an exclusive remedy provision in their purchase agreements, which (1) limits the seller’s liability to a buyer to either repair or replace the purchased goods, or refund the purchase price, and (2) waives all
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