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Image credit: By Ixocactus – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, of my work involves reading court decisions to keep abreast of how judges decide the types of cases I handle. Below, I share some thoughts on recent decisions.Court Denies

Employers sometimes let employees go. Sometimes it’s for cause, and sometimes not. But when they do, they may leave themselves open to a potential lawsuit by the employee. In an effort to avoid a lawsuit, many try to make an

The American litigation system requires people to reveal a lot of information. Although there are some limits, a litigant may seek nearly any document and file you have and anything you can remember. This was burdensome before email and cell

People often ask me what country I enjoy traveling to the most. My top two are Iceland and Vietnam. Vietnam is such a vibrant and exciting place, full of beautiful landscapes, amazing cuisine, and a bustling culture. One thing that

When a plaintiff files a lawsuit, she may have a choice about where to file it. And so, she may consider the benefits and costs associated with different forums. Similarly, a defendant may oppose a lawsuit on the grounds that