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When a lawyer loses a motion, it is common to ask the judge for a second shot. Besides spending time and money, there is rarely a downside to taking an additional opportunity to win. But a judge that ruled one

Living in New York, I have met many Polish immigrants and become curious about its culture. I have visited the country a few times, and found it to be an interesting mix of Western and Eastern Europe. And so I

Litigation can be long and expensive. As a result, many defendants want to take the first available opportunity to get out of litigation. This is usually by filing a motion to dismiss, asking the court to end the lawsuit

To celebrate two full years of this blog, and the amazing opportunity I’ve had to interview litigators from many different jurisdictions, I wanted to speak again with the first lawyer who was kind enough to let me interview her for

One thing that happens when I start working with a client is that I ask them a million questions. The process may start with one email, where I ask a lot of questions. And after the client answers, she may

Not all litigation takes place in a courtroom. Many adversarial proceedings are administered by specialized agencies that have authority over a specific subject matter. And although these hearings are technically not “court,” they often have characteristics that resemble courtroom proceedings.

Part of my work involves reading court decisions to keep abreast of how judges decide the types of cases I handle. Below, I share some thoughts on recent decisions.

Court Reverses Sanction Order on Procedural Grounds
Judges have the power

A trial is an opportunity for litigants to offer evidence in support of their claims and defenses. But not all of the evidence they want to offer may be admissible. Instead, at trial, the parties may object to the admission