A budget maneuver that attempts to ensure revenue-neutral taxing or spending.   
Feel the Rush
Congress’s interest in spending discipline is a political and policy issue that ebbs and flows over time. Though we have experienced a large expansion of

A large bill that is comprised of multiple smaller bills, usually on similar issues.
We’re All in This (Bill) Together
The word “omnibus” is Latin for “for all” or “everybody.” It has a similar meaning in modern American politics: today,

A term that refers to either the congressional leadership from both parties or committee leadership from both parties.
Let’s Get in Four-Mation
In Congress, legislation has a few different paths to becoming a law. One or more members of Congress

A formal dialogue between members of Congress regarding pending legislation.
Everybody Talks
Members of Congress have a variety of tools at their disposal for influencing legislation: among many others, they can direct money to projects in their districts, now known