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A lawyer’s best work comes via relationships and word-of-mouth

We Believe

Building online visibility is imperative for driving business development today

We Believe

Authentic online engagement accelerates relationships and word-of-mouth

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A lawyer’s smarts, opinion and passion are powerful assets and should be shared with the world. The best way to share that brilliance is through writing. We create blogs for lawyers to help them increase online visibility through their writing and bring in quality business. Learn More

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LXBN TV: Are Facebook Posts Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege? No, Of Course Not

The advent of social media has led to a lot of confusion—and a pretty misguided view by most—on what’s private and what isn’t. And honestly, if there’s any question, it probably isn’t. Such was the case when a Nebraska man claimed that Facebook posts between himself and his lawyer should be protected by attorney-client privilege. 
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When fearful I remind myself to live without regrets, when holding a grudge I remind myself to love your neighbor as yourself and lastly when grieving I remind myself that time heals all wounds. -Christopher
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