If you’re looking for an employment blog to save your hide, you can’t go wrong with BeLabor the Point. And if you need one in Spanish they’ve got you covered too. 

As we continue our series with the LexBlog Network members who made the Blawg 100 in 2016, we talked with Stearns Weaver Miller‘s Robert Turk, editor of the blog and chair of the employment & labor department, about how the blogging team sets themselves up for success, and scored their first Blawg 100 win.

What discipline have you set up for yourself to help your blogging process?

Our goal is to produce one to two blog posts per week. Each attorney in the Labor & Employment Department contributes to the blog and invests in its success. Our marketing department manages an editorial calendar and sends calendar reminders and topic suggestions. I review each post to ensure consistency and accuracy of content. Marketing shares the posts internally and externally on the website and via social media. Attorneys are encouraged to share relevant posts with their clients and followers in addition to the firm’s posts.

What new audiences are you trying to reach?

We want to reach an audience of Human Resource professionals, in-house counsel and business owners in Florida as well as those with business interests in or ties to Florida. Miami continues to develop as a global destination and center for commerce fueled by Latin American investment. In conjunction with BeLabor the Point, we launched Café Con Labor, a Spanish translation of our blog aimed at capturing the largely Hispanic speaking population of Florida, as well as businesses in Spain, Central and South America with business interests in Florida.

What has been your biggest obstacle to overcome in your blogging career?

Creating interesting and useful content takes time. We look for items that other bloggers may have missed. As attorneys, it’s difficult to prioritize blogging with other time commitments. BeLabor the Point is the product of teamwork and collaboration. If someone cannot write their scheduled post, other team members often volunteer to fill in.

Tell us your most successful/exciting blogging story.

Our July 29, 2014 story received some of the strangest responses. The post discussed a case in which a former Benjamin Moore Paint Co. employee alleged that the company was making paints with racially insensitive names – which were the first and last name of the complaining employee. A number of our readers wrote us that they had used the paints with those names as well as other paints with somewhat strange names.

Why do you think you made it on the Blawg 100? What sets you apart?

BeLaborThePoint blog is an easy, quick read. We discuss timely, relatable and practical topics that both entertain and inform our readers. We limit legalese and pride ourselves on the conversational tone of our posts. Our attorneys’ personalities really shine through the posts.