This week was decidedly not easy, but a number of our bloggers covered this outpouring of terrible news with aplomb. Tom Vick, President of the State Bar of Texas, put out a call for attorney volunteers at the U.S.-Mexico border and shared a list of resources for those looking to help, while William C. Silverman dropped everything to represent women and children detainees with the CARA Family Detention Project. Barbara S. Mishkin also focused on immigration, reporting on the letter Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sherod Brown sent to Kathy Kraninger, the President’s nominee for director of the CFPB, seeking information about her role in the implementation of the “zero-tolerance” policy. Thank you to all our citizen journalists for the important work you do, sharing news across the globe.

United States Supreme Court Strikes Down Quill: Physical Presence Standard Gone – By Randy Varner, Sharon Paxton and Paul Morcom: In a widely anticipated decision in the state tax world, the United States Supreme Court, in South Dakota v. Wayfair (June 21, 2018), has struck down the sales tax physical presence standard set forth in Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, 504 U.S. View Full Post

Sidestepping Encryption? Better Be Ready To Pay Millions For HIPAA Violations – By Kevin Peek: Earlier this week, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center was ordered to pay a staggering $4,348,000.00 in order to resolve HIPAA violations from data breaches occurring in 2011, 2012, and 2013. The extremity of the penalties is explained by the fact that the data breaches were completely preventableView Full Post

Vick: Attorney volunteers needed at the border – By Tom Vick: I am writing with a quick update on the recent events occurring on our southern border. Although the Trump administration signed an executive order to end family separations, the need for volunteer attorneys remains strong—particularly Spanish-speaking immigration lawyers. Whenever we have had manmade or natural disasters in this state, Texas lawyers have risen to the occasion to help those who cannot help themselves. View Full Post

Pro Bono for Immigrant Families at the South Texas Family Residential Center – By William C. Silverman: As the Firm’s pro bono partner, I often have the privilege of looking beyond individual matters to see how we can make a difference on a wider scale. And at times I drop everything to immerse myself in a particularly important cause. View Full Post

Democratic Senators seek documents from Kraninger about her role in “zero-tolerance” policy – By Barbara S. Mishkin: Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown have sent a letter to Kathy Kraninger, President Trump’s nominee for CFPB Director, seeking documents and other information about Ms. Kraninger’s role in the development and implementation of the Trump Administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy for individuals attempting illegal entry into the United States. View Full Post

Homeless “Tent City” Is Not Expressive Conduct Protected by the First Amendment, Says Federal Court – By Brian J. Connolly: Earlier this month, in a case challenging the denial of permits to erect a homeless “tent city” in front of a former elementary school in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, a federal magistrate judge dismissed the organizers’ First Amendment claim.  While one count of the plaintiffs’ complaint will move forward, the order dismisses all of the plaintiffs’ federal claims. View Full Post

US Makes Good on Trade Threats – What Now? – By Stuart E. Eizenstat and Constance Anne Pence: We are moving into uncharted waters with the Trump Administration’s announcement that the U.S. will move forward to impose $50 billion in tariffs against a wide range of Chinese products, with the first tranche of $34 billion beginning onJuly 6; as well as tariffs against Canadian, Mexican, European and Japanese steel and aluminum imports.  View Full Post

South Africa: a citizen in the global village of competition law – By Stephen Langbridge: The Competition Act (‘Act’) is first and foremost national in its focus. This is clear from its objects set out in the Act’s Preamble and Purpose. Although the Act makes reference to international law obligationsparticipation in world markets and the role of foreign competition in the Republic, to look at the role of South Africa in competition law’s global village, the key is not to be found in that language, but rather in the continuing development and application of South Africa’s competition policy. View Full Post

Today In Legal Artificial Intelligence – By Mark T Greene: From Artificial Lawyer: “Brazilian legal tech platform, Juridoc, is launching a fundraising round on Latin America’s Kria crowdfunding site.” “Juridoc’s founder, Maxime Troubat, is seeking to raise R$550,000 in total, which is about US$150,000, with R$300,000 coming from individuals making an investment via Kria to build out the platform for the Brazilian legal market.” – Also from Artificial Lawyer‘Legal AI is an Arms Race and the $17.5m Will Help Us Win It’ – Eigen. View Full Post

A Legal Framework for the “Information Apocalypse” – By Jamie J. Baker, JD, MLIS: In 2009, a CNN article noted that the law is “at least five years behind technology as it is developing.” In late 2016, Aviv Ovadya was one of the first people to see that there was something fundamentally wrong with the internet. View Full Post

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