My new book “Survive & Thrive Post-Pandemic: A Guidebook for Legal & Professional Services Providers” is now available as an eBook on Amazon –! 
Paperback versions will publish soon on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

20% of the net proceeds from this book will be donated to Global Giving a highly rated international charity. My hope is that this book helps those who read it and also supports Global Giving.
This new book is a step-by-step guide though what you can do to develop and grow your practice plus continue to survive and thrive after a pandemic. 
It contains a wealth of immediately usable information including:
  • Specific suggestions and tips from clients of professional services firms and over 90 leading international experts.
  • Proven and up-to-date strategies, tactics, tools, and techniques.
  • What works and what did not during the 2020 COVID-19 crisis.
  • Real-life success stories and examples.
  • Numerous checklists, solutions, considerations, and options.
  • Key takeaways at the end of each chapter and many others.
  • Links to all sources quoted and cited, and the extensive research bibliography.
Consider buying a copy before June 15, 2020 and save over 50%!
For information about volume discounts, please contact the author, Julie Savarino, 
Here is what some readers are saying about this book:
“A timely, comprehensive, practical, immediately actionable, and invaluable book.”
—Ralph Baxter, Former Chairman and CEO, Orrick and Legendary Leader Inspiring Global Change in Law
“This book contains a bounty of valuable strategies, ideas, tips and techniques to help professionals build and recover in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.”
—Chris Poole, President and Chief Executive Officer, JAMS
“Very well-done and useful! All lawyers and other professionals need a guidebook like this to help them navigate post-pandemic.”
—Gina F. Rubel, Esq., Founder & CEO, Furia Rubel Communications, Inc.
“This book is packed with proven strategies and practical tactics that can be put to immediate use.”
—Liam Brown, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Elevate Services
“Any professional who wants to take their professional services practice to the next level should read this book.”
—Jillion Weisberg, Account Director, Kira Systems
“This is a must-read written by a master in client development and relations. Any lawyer or other professional interested in getting the best results from the time they invest in building their practice should read and use this book.”
—Stephen Crossman, Vice President & Head of Sales Chief Growth Officer, SurePoint Technologies
“This book contains a wealth of invaluable and pragmatic information.”
—Roy Sexton, Director of Marketing, Clark Hill PLC
“A comprehensive, practical, and immediately actionable book.”
—Mary Jennings, Director of Human Resources, Sandberg, Phoenix & von Gontard
“This is an extremely timely book that contains an abundance of great content.”
—Kim Easterle Mattes, Producer, Aon Risk Solutions
“If you are not sure what to do to build your practice and firm after a pandemic, this book is for you.
—Stephen McGarry, Founder of Lex Mundi, World Services Group,, AILFN,, and RFP 

“This book is the go-to, client-centric resource for all professional services providers and firms.”
—Cammie R. Teems, CP, Former Risk Manager, Bestway USA
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