Should I accept the insurance money for an accident? How do I know I’m getting what I deserve?

Accepting insurance money for an accident will make your recovery “final.” In other words, you will not be able to get “more” money or file a lawsuit once you have settled your case. As such, it is important that all legal considerations are taking into account before this “final” act.

Without the years of experience, training, and education of working with insurance companies, taking cases to jury trials, and winning “unwinnable” cases, it would be challenging for any person to know if an offer on the table is fair. 

At Zachar Law Firm, we have experienced personal injury lawyers who are skilled at understanding what claims are available to you and whether an offer is “fair” in this community. Some prior clients tried to handle claims on their own – to save attorney fees. Usually, they have failed to make claims, include certain required documents to support claims and/or have considered offers, which are far below the true value of their case. We understand available claims. We understand values. We understand the evidence. We understand what is fair.

It is our goal to help you understand what the value of your claim means – why it is higher or lower than you expected and what it would mean to “reject” an insurance company’s offer. Ultimately, after being fully informed about what we think your case is worth, it is your decision whether a claim is settled or not.

Remember, Zachar Law Firm is conveniently located in Downtown Phoenix, Central Phoenix, and Glendale. We are here for you and are happy to discuss your insurance claim with you virtually or telephonically! Having the right personal injury law firm will make all the difference in your case!