Lawyersattorneyslaw firmslegal marketing, business development and sales professionals….register today for this free, one hour webinar on “New Sales Techniques for Lawyers in the Current Environment” compliments of Iridium Technology, being held Thursday, September 3, 2020 at 11 am EDT when Toni Wells and Julie Savarino will present the best ways to:

▪️ Recognize how business development has changed in a remote environment
▪️ Stay-in-touch and develop new work while WFH and physically distant
▪️ Reconnect with a clients or contacts after a long period of time
▪️ Expand the work you do for your current clients
▪️ Ask for the business and close a sale

Even in a 100% remote setting, there are strategies, techniques, and communications that have proven effective to develop new clients, matters, and work during the current crisis.

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