There is nothing more important to a successful business than its brand, and the scam artists are eager to take advantage of this fact.

For those of you who are currently in the trademark registration process or simply are considering it as a great first step in brand protection, you may be at an increased risk of being scammed. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) warns specifically of emails, seemingly from legitimate government agencies, advising trademark applicants of missed deadlines, and calling for immediate financial action.

These incidences of USPTO email scams come just months after the USPTO implemented mandatory electronic filing of trademark applications. The USPTO now requires the applicant’s legal counsel to provide an email address other than their own to ensure delivery and receipt of official USPTO communications. Oftentimes, this is the personal email address of the applicant.

Dickinson Law’s Start-Up and Intellectual Property practice groups are well versed in the requirements for and process of filing trademark applications. If there is an official reason for direct correspondence from the USPTO to an applicant, an attorney can easily make that determination. If you believe you have fallen victim to such schemes, please reach out to an attorney at our firm.