Unleash the power of automation with your legal solutions to create some magic in your practice! 

If you have worked with us to design and develop your automated legal documents, you can use the answers that your clients provide to questions in the interview in another part of your legal solution. You’ll need an automated legal document already built and the assistance of an IT specialist. The IT specialist will need to either create custom software or use existing workflow automation software such as Zapier, Flow for Office 365 or Tray

When a client completes the interview for your automated document, it will create an output value for each answer that the client provides. It is important to label each of these output values with a name that makes it easy to identify the answer. For example, if the question asks for the client’s business name, the output value should be ‘Business name’. Take the time to review the automated document that you would like to use and make sure that all of the output values have appropriate labels. 

Now decide how you would like to use these output values within your legal solution. You may wish to customise and send an email, add a task in your workflow management software, link into your practice’s CRM software or link into other cloud-based software. Ask your IT specialist what they can achieve for you and your practice. 

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