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4-minute read, 10-minute exercise
#Efficiency #Effectiveness #LegalDesign #HumanIntelligence #ModernLawyer

Time equals choice.

When you can control your time, you can control how you spend it. You can do what you want to do and not feel pressure to do what

Using electronic signatures significantly reduces the costs and delays associated with having to print, sign and post documents… and then wait for them to be returned.Using electronic signatures for as many documents as you can is really simple. Once you start, you’ll wonder

It’s the basic skill you’ll need to develop your legal solutions. Here’s how. 1 Copy the link to the clipboard. When you have a subscription to Automio, direct links will be available for the automated documents that you create. On the Automio dashboard, select the document,

Be innovative with the ways you use Support Legal documents and tools in your legal practice. Here are some tips to inspire you. 1 Use our documents to provide legal solutions at a range of price levels. Offer self-service documents without your legal


  • Complete the interview.
  • Click Complete to see the magic happen.
  • Download your customised document in Word format (and receive a copy by email).
  • Celebrate the time you just saved!
  • These are not vanilla documents that fill in your details

    6-minute read, 10-minute exercise#Efficiency #Effectiveness #LegalDesign #HumanIntelligence #ModernLawyerIf we’ve learned anything over the last few crazy weeks, it’s that the “future of law” is here. It’s simply modern practice. It’s efficient. It’s effective. It’s our new normal, and you need