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4-minute read, 10-minute exercise
#Efficiency #Effectiveness #LegalDesign #HumanIntelligence #ModernLawyer

Time equals choice.

When you can control your time, you can control how you spend it. You can do what you want to do and not feel pressure to do what
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6-minute read, 10-minute exercise#LegalDesign #HumanIntelligence #ModernLawyer It is no longer enough to have excellent legal qualifications and experience working on a range of matters in a particular area of law for new work to come through the door.Traditional lawyers relied
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6-minute read, 10-minute exercise#LegalDesign #HumanIntelligence #ModernLawyer #AutomatedLegalDocuments One of the most cringe-worthy times I ever experienced was when I was (briefly) a client of a traditional lawyer. It took over two weeks to produce a 4-page document (and most of
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