Be innovative with the ways you use Support Legal documents and tools in your legal practice. 

Here are some tips to inspire you. 

Use our documents to provide legal solutions at a range of price levels. Offer self-service documents without your legal advice for a lower price or a review of the document with your legal advice for a higher price. 

Share a link to a with Review Included document and ask your client to complete the interview. The document will then be emailed to your legal practice for review. 

Access our documents at wholesale prices. You’ll need a subscription to Automio. 

Use your own branding on Support Legal documents. You’ll need a subscription to Automio. 

Embed a May We Assist? Tool into your practice’s website to have a simple way for any potential clients to provide their details and information about their matter to you, at any time on any device. You’ll receive an email with the valuable information, so you can contact them. 

Provide your clients with a Client Recommendation Report so they can consider what they need. Have a discussion with them and use the opportunity to offer your legal advice services. 


Provide an efficient service. Interview clients and finish documents faster than before. 

Create a guide for your clients to use when they have a meeting of directors. Insert a link to the Company Minutes of Meeting of Directors in the guide and add your contact details so they can contact you with any questions. 

For ongoing clients, why not use your own branding and set the price to $0 so your legal practice is charged the fees. You can then decide whether to absorb the fees or charge them as a disbursement. 


Offer a Privacy Policy to your small business clients. Let them pay, do the interview and download the customised document whenever and wherever they’d like. The descriptions of all our documents include prompts on when to obtain legal advice from your practice. 


Don’t waste time drafting documents from scratch. Use Support Legal documents to increase your productivity. 


Spend more time with your clients. Impress them. 


Share a link to a document with your clients as a gift. Just set the price to $0 and the fees will be charged to your legal practice. 


Take on more clients. Watch your practice’s income increase. 


Reduce human error in drafting. Reduce risks and complaints. 


Use direct documents in your online store to attract new clients. 


Embed May We Assist? Tools on your practice’s website to generate qualified leads for new work. 


Use with Review Included documents in your exclusive online store for ongoing clients. 


Provide convenient access to interviews for your clients, anytime on any device. 


Use your practice’s branding colours in the interview and logo in the document. 


Offer documents to past clients at reduced prices to help you gain new work. 


Choose whether to have your clients to make online payments for the documents they use or have the fees charged to your legal practice and recover the costs from your client as a disbursement. 


Use the answers to interview questions for your automated legal document in another part of your legal solution or capture details for your CRM software. Use the power of workflow automation software like Zapier, Flow for Office 365 or Tray and get creative! 


Offer your awesome automated documents for resale to other Automio subscribers to make another source of income. 


Hold a webinar for your target clients and offer a complimentary automated document to the audience at the end of the session. 


Automate your client agreement and send it out to your new clients for electronic signature within minutes of them calling to engage your services. Be amazed when you have a signed client agreement returned in record time! 


Attend a negotiation with your client and prepare Terms for Negotiation while the parties have a coffee break. Have them sign the non-binding terms before leaving the session. 


Send an email to your subscriber list offering your latest legal solution. Send out the link to your automated document so anyone who is interested can pay and complete the document they need within a few minutes. 

More tips? Share your idea. 

We’d love to know your new tip. Please send us an email with your tip and a link to your website or video. We might just include it on our page.

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