In your 2021 budget, don’t forget to include a line item for skills training and one-to-one coaching for interested executives, practice groups, business units, lawyers, and other professionals. Below are five of the most in-demand programs I have been tailoring and delivering lately:

1⃣ Creative ways to stay in touch, add value, and develop relationships, leads, and new business in a remote environment
2⃣ Perfecting your online pitch for new business
3⃣ How to optimize a webinar presentation and online conference attendance
4⃣ Best and most time-efficient practices for using LinkedIn for business and client development purposes
5⃣ Optimizing diversity to develop business

To conserve costs, some companies and law firms are recording these sessions, then uploading them to their intranet and communicating firmwide that they are accessible to all who are interested.

Some are also conducting internal polls or surveys to inquire who is interested in 1) attending a menu of possible training sessions, and 2) obtaining tailored, one-to-one coaching on these and other crucial skills. 

If I can be of service, please contact me. Julie Savarino,