Our client was employed in two jobs. While working our client suffered a torn rotator cuff in their shoulder. Our client’s worker’s compensation insurer denied that the injury was related to anything that happened at work. Our client was unable to work either of their jobs for months and was making no income.

Attorney Alexander Conley represented our client. Attorney Conley filed claim with the Department of Industrial Accidents. After this claim was filed, Attorney Conley began negotiations with the insurance company. Ultimately, Attorney Conley was able to convince the insurance company that our client was unable to work, that the injury was work related, and that our client was entitled to full worker’s compensation benefits from the time of the injury until our client could return to work.

Our client was entitled to ongoing weekly benefits, as well as backpay for the benefits that should have been paid since the time of the injury. Although the insurance did not want to pay, Aprodu | Conley, PLLC was able to secure full payment for out client. If you or a loved one has been injured at work, contact Aprodu | Conley, PLLC today to see if you are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits.