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Lawyers and legal marketers seem to form a pretty tight-knit group on LinkedIn. Yet most of the attorneys who I know personally are nowhere to be found on the platform. 

When I posted this observation on LinkedIn, I received a lot of comments along the lines of, “Same with me. Most of the attorneys I know are not active on LinkedIn.” Why do you suppose that is?

With more than 750 million users worldwide, it is by far the largest business-to-business social networking platform that exists. That attorneys—many who need to build their books of business and who operate in a B2B environment—would avoid LinkedIn seems counterintuitive and counterproductive. Yet, based on my own experience and the observations of those who concurred, there seems to be a tremendous opportunity gap between the attorneys who are already reaping the rewards of an active LinkedIn presence and those who remain on the sidelines.

I’m not an attorney. I don’t even play one on T.V. Yet, I’m blessed to mingle in this online cocktail party with some of the most generous, cordial, supportive, collaborative and generally friendly, wonderful people I’ve met anywhere. My network of lawyers seem to genuinely want to support, help, refer and train each other, and it’s inspiring to watch.

So what’s keeping my attorney friends on the sidelines?

The success stories who my partner Jay Harrington and I have had the privilege of showcasing on our podcast, The Thought Leadership ProjectFrank Ramos, Laura Frederick, Patricia Baxter, Lisa Lang, Bryan O’Keefe, Scott Becker, to name only a few—demonstrate daily the power of the network and the importance of remaining active, visible and generous of one’s expertise on LinkedIn.

Here are just a few examples, if you need the motivation to dive in yourself:

In a way, I’ve made it my mission to help some of my friends get over whatever apprehensions or barriers might exist. I’m guessing they are some combination of the following:

  • time

  • interest

  • command of the platform

  • tech-aversion

  • faith it can help build a practice

  • clear understanding of what colleagues are doing on LinkedIn

  • lack of awareness of the success stories that exist to emulate

Introducing the Thought Leader Collaborative

We are excited to announce a new membership community, called the Thought Leader Collaborative (the “Lab”), that reflect my personal mission to get every attorney I know off the sidelines and into the LinkedIn game. There very well may be “safety in numbers,” so we are aiming to create, curate and grow a peer-to-peer network of attorneys who aspire to become thought leaders and who want to leverage the power of LinkedIn to grow their legal practices.

We have discovered, documented and delivered a proven process to grow a legal practice on LinkedIn. As a member of the Lab, you’ll have access to:

  • A clear strategy to turn your subject matter expertise into thought leadership, and your thought leadership into new business.

  • Live monthly training on LinkedIn best practices and how they relate to your broader content marketing and business development efforts.

  • A growing library of checklists, guides and templates to help you put what you learn into action.

  • Peer-to-peer networking, referral and learning opportunities, including a private LinkedIn group only available to members of the Lab. (i.e., “safety in numbers”).

  • Monthly discussion and real-time (as well as recorded) Q&A sessions and opportunities to secure private coaching sessions, one-on-one, with either Jay Harrington or myself.

The Lab officially opens May 3rd, but we are pulling back the curtain today, so take a quick tour to see what’s coming! Visit the Lab at, and subscribe to our email list to receive updates and announcements in advance of our go-live date, including special, one-time discounted pricing. 

By signing up, you will also receive a complimentary copy of our popular resource guide: “How to Write High-Engagement Posts on LinkedIn.”


Stay tuned for more! We will soon be opening the Lab to members, with early-bird discounts available. We look forward to learning with you, networking with you, and growing as thought leaders with you, in the Thought Leader Collaborative!




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