If you’ve ever experienced it, you know it can be something of a rush. If you’ve never enjoyed the experience, you wonder what you’re doing wrong.

We’re talking about the occasional LinkedIn post that goes something close to “viral.” Tons of comments, lots of likes (and other reactions), and great conversation. Each time you get the notification of some new activity on the post, you get a small adrenaline rush. (Not being facetious there…it’s a scientific phenomenon.)

The opposite feeling is one of disappointment. Nobody likes it when a post falls flat. When it feels like you’re broadcasting into a desolate cavern with no tangible reaction or feedback, it can make the process of sharing ideas on LinkedIn seem unproductive, unrewarding and meaningless.

But what if there were a formula for success—a methodology that is almost certain to stir up discussion, elicit reactions, and thereby feed the LinkedIn algorithms that move your content to the top of your intended audience’s newsfeed?

Actually, there is.

Join Live: How to Write High-Engagement Posts on LinkedIn

There actually is an art and a science to writing LinkedIn posts that create lots of views and engagement. In an upcoming complimentary webinar, Jay Harrington and Tom Nixon, co-founders of the Thought Leader Collaborative, will teach you how to plan and write posts that generate results. From topics to format to structure, you’ll learn the essentials that will help you become a thought leader on LinkedIn.

The content presented will draw upon their own personal experiences, as well as those of legal-community influencers and prior guests on their weekly podcast, The Thought Leadership Project, who have provided real-world proof of these principles in practice.

In addition, Jay and Tom will answer questions about the upcoming launch of the Thought Leader Collaborative, a new membership site and community for lawyers and other legal professionals focused on how to grow a legal practice on LinkedIn.

Live Webinar
Tuesday, April 27th at 1:00 P.M. EDT

Register Now! Receive Free Trial to the Lab!

Click here to register via Zoom. The session will be recorded, so please sign up even if you are unable to join us in real time.

Anyone who views the webinar will be eligible to receive a free trial to the Thought Leader Collaborative, with no obligation to enroll long-term! You will also be made aware of early-bird enrollment discounts, available only to a select few for a limited time.

Attendees will walk away with a proven formula for writing high-engagement posts on LinkedIn, with easily applicable methodologies that you can use right away! We look forward to seeing you, and collaborating with you!



You have ideas. Your market is looking for solutions.

Finding that intersection between your expertise and those seeking it is the most promising pathway to growing your practice.

When you generously share what you know with the world, without expectation of reciprocation, the world rewards your generosity. You become recognized as an authority…eventually, as a thought leader. You then naturally make connections with those seeking your expertise, whether through prospect discovery or referral.

Domain expertise and a willingness to share it are among the fundamental traits of successful thought leaders.

Share your best ideas for free. Become a thought leader. Build a practice. And you’ll never have to feel like you’re “selling.”

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Jay Harrington is president of our agency, a published author, and nationally-recognized expert in thought-leadership marketing. 


From strategic planning to writing, podcasting, video marketing, and design, Jay and his team help lawyers and law firms turn expertise into thought leadership, and thought leadership into new business. Get in touch to learn more about the consulting and coaching services we provide.

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